Nov 23, 2021

Read about how going from “stepping in the bucket” to “pelvis loading” helped Shelbi Redfearn lead her team to the 2014 WCWS. Watch the video of her before and after transformation and listen to her CONFIDENCE after hitting a game winning home run. Hard work and attention to detail matters & with a little luck, pays off at the perfect moments.

SHELBI REDFEARN: on the left, at Baylor, where she played her Freshman & Sophomore seasons (2011, 2012) shown getting her stride foot down early, stepping “in the bucket” and then leaning over at the waist to hit an outside pitch. And on the right, at UL, where she played her junior and senior seasons in 2013, 2014, shown starting with a more open stance so she could remind herself to load into her pelvis instead of just stepping.
One of the adjustments Shelbi made, when she got to UL, was to start with an open stance and an already “hinged” pelvis in order to remind her to load her pelvis “more” at the release of the pitch by “coiling” or getting her pelvis “squared” between 12 o’clock and release, instead of just stepping with her stride foot “into the bucket”.

This photo is from the 2014 SUPER REGIONALS vs. Arizona hosted in Lafayette, LA. – the Cajuns, behind Redfearn’s hot bat, advanced to the 2014 WCWS. Small details can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE.
Notice Shelbi’s set-up: more open stance and pre-hinged in the pelvis. From 12 o’clock until release, she “coils” or “gets her hips squared”: maintaining and increasing the tension in her PELVIS. The focus now is on what’s going on with her pelvis, not her legs. She “feels” the “tension” in her pelvis; her pelvis is now integrated with her spine (a.k.a. “Posture”). Compare the differences below of before and after.
Before Shelbi was “stepping in the bucket” while striding or stepping forward.
Very easy to see that she is leaning over or bending at the waist and there in NO integration of the pelvis to the spine.

Because of the adjustments Shelbi made, she hit in the 4 hole and lead her team to the WCWS; her power numbers and offensive production increased and in the interview below, you can “feel” her CONFIDENCE IS SKY ROCKETING, so much so, she deflects any praise to her teammates.

Shelbi had an incredible Senior season, starting all 60 games, hitting .301 on the season, with memorable performances against her former team in the regular season; but she saved her VERY BEST FOR THE BIGGEST MOMENTS IN POST-SEASON: the winning home run in the Conference Tournament Finals, went 3-for-3 with three runs and three RBI against Texas in the NCAA Regionals Finals, and went 3-for-7 against Arizona in the NCAA Super Regionals.

Shelbi is from Stillwater, Oklahoma and the daughter of Daren & Kasi Redfearn; she graduated from UL in Speech Pathology/Communicative Disorders and is working in the Houston School Districts.