Sep 26, 2022

There are many different biomechanical variables or factors that influence the path of the barrel during the swing. In this article we will address the correlation of barrel ALIGNMENT to the positioning/movement of the spine and pelvis.

In order to get the barrel on plane EARLY, there is NO NEED TO SNAP THE BARREL REARWARD.

Addressed in previous SWING ATTRACTORS articles were FLAWS which directly effect posture. Below are some reminders of these FLAWS:

Over dependence on the shoulders to create ”rotation” or acceleration of the barrel is a major FLAW that effects barrel path.

Counter rotating the shoulders causes the deltoid & pectoral muscles to tighten and pull the shoulders forward which results in a ”spinning” or transverse rotation which adversely effects the hitters posture (as seen with the hitter on the right in the photo above).

Also, the ”squat down” then jump up movement pattern seen in many gym exercises like the cable pull or cable chop (see photo below) are counterproductive to training posture, axial rotation or pelvic stability ALL which directly influence barrel path.

Swaying backwards and pulling forward (seen below in the medicine ball throw) is another flaw or movement pattern which negatively effects a high level baseball hitter’s swing path.

When teaching barrel path don’t forget about teaching the feel of muscular and skeletal balance. Train proprioception, body awareness and proper alignment. The muscles concerned are those which move the spine rearward (spinal erectors), those which move the spine forward (abdominals), those which twist the spine about the spinal axis (rotary torso muscles) – it’s all a connected, integrated movement pattern. It is the pelvis loading with an integrated spine which moves sagittally then lengthening the spinal erectors readying the barrel for alignment.